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Keri Shanks
Ceramics - Jewellery - Stationery
Seashore Treasures:
  • Necklaces  - £22
    Individually handmade ceramic pendants
    with glass beads and handmade ceramic
    beads hung on a silver wire choker.

  • Rockpool Brooches - £16
    Vibrant felt brooches each with its own
    unique star fish, anemone, pebble or fish
    from the deepest Causeway coast rockpools!

  • Ceramic Brooches - £18 each
    Ceramic brooches featuring, fish, flowers,
    seagulls and boats of the Causeway coast.

  • Earrings - £10 each
    Tiny flower earrings inspired by the
    Scarlet Pimpernel of the sand dunes and
    the Blue flower of Dunluce.