About me
Inspired by the beaches and wildlife of the Causeway
Coast, Northern Ireland, where I spend my holidays, I
create pictures, jewellery, vases, bowls and stationery for
people with coastal homes or a love of the sea!

I work from my home in Lisburn, County Antrim. All of
my work is individually handcrafted and many pieces
are one-off designs, therefore each item is unique and no
two brooches, necklaces, vases or bowls will ever be identical.

My work can currently be purchased from The Millhouse,
Bushmills; A Broader Picture, Portstewart; Ciara @
Fountain Antiques, Coleraine and Craft Connections,
Ballycastle or you can
contact me directly with your
All images and
designs copyright of
Keri Shanks.
All rights reserved.
Keri Shanks
Ceramics - Jewellery - Stationery